Albert Lea Tribune: GOP says bye-bye to homestead credit

Published Friday, March 30, 2012; 9:02 am
By Paul Marquart, Guest Columnist

Tough luck. That’s the message that Minnesota Republicans sent to homeowners in Greater Minnesota last week when they passed a tax bill that didn’t address the property tax increases they caused last session.

To understand why their bill was particularly troubling for Greater Minnesota it is helpful to review what happened last year. The budget the Republicans passed to end the state shutdown completely eliminated the homestead credit, a tax benefit that homeowners had cherished and valued for over four decades. This raised property taxes on homeowners, farmers and small businesses.

If you are curious what the elimination of the homestead credit meant to you, I encourage you to take out your 2011 property tax statement and compare it your 2012 statement, which should be coming soon in the mail. You will notice that on line 4A from your 2011 property tax statement the word “homestead” has vanished from your 2012 statement — along with your tax relief.

The permanent elimination of the homestead credit led to $370 million in property tax increases in 2012. The state now has the highest property tax level in our 154-year history. Over the last 10 years property taxes for homeowners have now increased by 92 percent. For farmers, property taxes have increased 150 percent. And Greater Minnesota was disproportionately harmed. Of the property tax increases last year, 64 percent of them came from Greater Minnesota. Rural Minnesota is hit with three times the property tax increases as the metro area. Rural homeowners’ property taxes rise eight times higher than metro homeowners — that’s right — eight times higher and rural businesses saw their taxes rise three times higher than in the metro area.

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The Cucking Stool: ALEC’s fingerprints all over the Minnesota Capitol

Thanks to The Cucking Stool for this post and video (from Thursday, January 19, 2012):

Common Cause of Minnesota has been dusting for prints, and it has found ALEC’s on more than fifty (I think around sixty, actually, at last count) bills offered in the Minnesota Legislature. ALEC is the American Legislative Exchange Council. The ALEC website calls ALEC an “individual membership” organization, but as you will hear in this video from Mike Dean, that is hardly the case.

ALEC’s fingerprints all over the Minnesota Capitol from Steve Timmer on Vimeo.

Read the Common Cause Report: “Legislating Under the Influence.”

The Forum: Dem lawmakers want to bring back Minnesota tax credit

Published September 13, 2011, 01:27 PM
By: Associated Press, INFORUM

Forum file photo

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Two Democratic state lawmakers say the elimination of a homestead tax credit as part of Minnesota’s deficit fix will hurt property tax payers.

Reps. Ann Lenczewski of Bloomington and Dilworth’s Paul Marquart vowed Tuesday to introduce legislation next year to reinstate the homestead market value credit.

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DL-Online: Lawmakers can’t blame Dayton

DL-Online – Area Voices
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
Published: August 31, 2011 2:06:19 PM CDT

Maybe it’s a Republican conspiracy to drive DFL Gov. Mark Dayton over the edge.

Or may be it just shows breathtaking chutzpa.

Whatever the case, Dayton is understandably irate about a claim by Republican State Rep. Greg Davids that it was Dayton — not the Republican legislative leadership — that proposed ending the Market Value Homestead Credit, a tax shift that is resulting in higher property taxes across the state.

If we remember right — and it wasn’t that long ago — Dayton wanted to raise income taxes on the rich.

He had to accept higher property taxes instead as part of a settlement to end the 20-day government shutdown.

Republicans went to the mat over “no new taxes.”

By that they mean income taxes, apparently, since their policy is resulting in higher property taxes from Austin (15 percent) to St. Louis County (5.7 percent) to Beltrami County (7 percent) and almost certainly to Detroit Lakes and Becker County.

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mnpACT!: MN GOP: Reform 2.0 = Deficits Forever

By Dave Mindeman
Posted: 08/18/11 14:39

When you talk about reform you generally mean that you are going to change something. It should be about new ideas and new approaches. Reform is moving off the status quo.

The Minnesota Legislative GOP is talking about reform…and when they do it, look out.

They called a news conference to tell everybody that reform was going to happen…Reform 2.0 was the title. Except they didn’t have a comprehensive plan and the stuff they did talk about…..

The Republicans’ agenda will include what they describe as limiting government “overreach, improving the state’s business climate, lowering taxes and streamlining government functions. They also plan to push for constitutional amendment that would require a supermajority vote in both legislative chambers to increase taxes.

well, that sounds a lot like Republican Reform 1.0.

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