DFL Dispatch: Statement from DFL Chairman Ken Martin

House Republican Caucus Floor Packet cover with a bucket of water splashing over Governor Mark Dayton

“Today the House Republican Caucus used taxpayer funds to distribute packets to legislators attacking Gov. Mark Dayton.

“It is appalling that the Republicans think it is OK to disrespect a sitting Governor in the manner they did using taxpayer dollars. While Republicans seem gleeful that they have thrown cold water on Gov. Dayton and DFL attempts to move this state forward, the reality is Minnesotans expect more from their elected officials during this special session than juvenile behavior like this exhibited by House Republicans.

“Over the last three weeks, Gov. Dayton fought for a better Minnesota – and he has succeeded. By standing up to House Republicans, and fighting for a better outcome to this legislative session, the Governor has secured significant increases in education funding and better environmental and consumer protections. It is the House Republicans who threw cold water on this session attempting to thwart any real progress on issues of concern to Minnesotans like transportation, education, health care, and the environment.

“I call on Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt to issue an apology to Gov. Dayton and focus on the legislative work at hand.”

June 12, 2015 DFL Dispatch

100 Days of Leadership

100 days into his term, Governor Dayton already has a long list of accomplishments

St. Paul (April 13, 2011) – Today marks 100 days into Governor Dayton’s term as governor. State DFL Chair Ken Martin released this statement:

“When Minnesotans went to the polls last fall, they knew what they wanted from a governor: strong leadership to create jobs and balance the budget, dependability and reason to reform government and uphold our values, and a vision to move our state forward and create a better life for our citizens. That’s exactly what we have in Governor Dayton. And today, we can all be thankful for what he has accomplished in just 100 days.

“Governor Dayton has spent his first 100 days creating jobs for Minnesota, and fighting for a budget that is fair, honest and responsible – and most importantly – balanced. Governor Dayton has spent his first 100 days changing the way our state government does business and moving our state forward to create a better Minnesota.

“One hundred days into his term, Governor Mark Dayton is making the tough choices and getting the job done to create a better Minnesota. While the Republicans continue to push for a cuts-only budget that would be devastating for the middle class, small businesses and the quality of life in our state, Governor Dayton continues to be the voice of reason, standing up for everyday Minnesotans.”

Read more about what Governor Dayton has done in the past 100 days.

Source: Minnesota DFL website: http://dfl.org